• Chanel Pavilion to Travel the World

    Karl Lagerfeld came up with a zany idea. And low and behold – it came to life. No, you’re not looking at a flying saucer, but rather, the “Chanel Pavilion,” a mobile, collapsible, exhibition pod set to take off in 2008 and travel over a two year period the from Hong Kong to Tokyo, New […]

  • Blog at The Met, Literally

    The Met in New York is set to have a crazy fabulous exhibit opening December 18 and I can’t wait to blog about it.  Yes, blog about it.  It’s called blog.mode: addressing fashion and it “will be the first in a series of shows designed to promote critical and creative dialogues about fashion.”  Yeah, whatever, […]

  • New Breed of Shoppers: An Agressive, Stop-At-Nothing Phenomenon

    With the advent of top name designers peddling their wares in limited editions at stores like H&M or The Gap, a new brand of customer has emerged: the one who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.   This week, it was reported that Linzi Stoppard, daughter-in-law of playwright Tom, decided she HAD […]

  • Style A to Zoe – Celeb Stylist Goes Public

    Style guru Rachel Zoe has come out with a book: “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion Beauty & Everything Glamour.” Now buying for a store and being in the world of fashion, I have my own opinions when it comes to her sage words of wisdom, including the fact that she’s made her […]

  • Taken to the Cleaners

    The Washington DC Commission on Selection and Tenure of Judges has voted not to reappoint Judge Roy Pearson. Why? Well, I gotta say it – because he’s an ass. Mr. Pearson sued his dry cleaners for $54 million dollars because they lost his pants. He claimed that their sign, reading “satisfaction guaranteed,” was egregiously misleading.  […]

  • Georgia Governor Prays for Rain?

    I was raised to believe in the Bill of Rights – to live by it and everything for which it stood. One of those tenants being the separation of church and state, that the government lacked authority in the realm of individual conscience. I thought this to be sacred. But this week I have found […]

  • I Wanna Be A Rock Star

    I don’t play an instrument. Well not anymore. I took plenty of piano lessons growing up only to find that now I’m reduced to teaching chopsticks to children I baby-sit for. I’ve worked around musicians my whole life. I grew up in the theatre. Yes, if you look hard enough you’ll find that when I […]

  • Britney and Paris Show Lack of Lucidity

    Okay, I just have to have a brief gossip moment. I know that I said I didn’t do celeb gossip blogging – well apparently I do. After Michael Jackson, I’m about to jump right back in with Britney and Paris, which means I’m just like the rest of them. Because there are two stories out […]

  • Fall 2007 Hot Trends

    Well the tents have gone down on Sixth Avenue meaning it’s time for the fall trend report. My personal opinion is that trends are a waste of time. They are a way of selling you things that you just don’t need. “Experts” go to all of the fashion shows, after which they sit around mulling […]

  • Michael Jackson is Back in the News

    Okay I’m not much of the celebrity gossip blogger, nor do I really keep up with the celebrity “dish.” But when it’s in your face it’s in your face. And the cover of Ebony Magazine is in your face. I mean it’s a real glossie, not a tabloid. And it’s right there on the newsstands […]

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